Mary Stewart

UX + Visual Designer.
Belfast Belle.
A Gentle Force.

I love it when things work well. From the service experience that prompts a user to respond with a smile, to the application that is intuitive from the first tap, to the video that understands its audience so well, they are moved to action. I design because it allows me to explore people's lives, and gives me the opportunity to make them a little bit better.

When I’m not designing you’ll probably find me roaming the streets for buttery pastries or something just as delicious. 

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I have the pleasure of working with talented individuals to wrestle with tricky problems in industries including public service, manufacturing, healthcare, & more. 

Chatting in real life is fun too.

Over the last few years, I have been designing solutions for challenges, big and small, and I love chatting about them in person. You should ask me about that time I…

That time I...

worked with the police to reinvent how performance is managed and tracked.

That time I...

designed a tool to allow manufacturing companies to have visibility into data and inefficiencies in value stream maps.

That time I...

worked on a clinical trial to see if technology could instill positive habits in patients with Sickle Cell Disease.

That time I...

designed a tool to educate medical students on how to deal with their student debt.

That time I...

designed a simpler way for people to pay tolls in the state of Texas.

That time I...

crafted a brand voice and visual identity for an ethically sourced diamond and jewelry company. 

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